UK Lulzsec hackers get jail time

Four British men jailed for roles in widespread 2011 cyberattacks that targeted Nintendo, Sony, Epic, Bethesda, and Mojang.


Four United Kingdom Lulzsec hackers have been given jail sentences for their roles in a string of 2011 high-profile cyberattacks.

The group targeted major companies like Sony, Nintendo, Epic Games, Mojang, and Bethesda, among others.

The four men jailed are Ryan Cleary (32 months), Jake Davis (24 months), Mustafa al-Bassam (20 months), and Ryan Ackroyd (30 months). They pleaded guilty last month.

"This case should serve as a warning to other cybercriminals that they are not invincible," prosecution lawyer Andrew Hadik told the BBC.

In addition, the BBC points out that some of the four men could face extradition to the United States because the nation's law enforcement groups have filed indictments against them.

"This is not about young immature men messing about," Hadik added. "They are at the cutting edge of a contemporary and emerging species of criminal offender known as a cybercriminal."

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