Video Premiere: Alex Aiono, ‘Young and Foolish’

Watch Alex Aiono's "Young & Foolish" video.

Alex Aiono sounds like a mini-Justin Bieber and looks like a mini-Taylor Lautner!

Meet newcomer Alex Aiono. He's only 16 years old and already plays five instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, and piano), which we suspect is probably four more instruments than you play! (Or maybe five, if for some reason you opted for "chorus'" over "clarinet" in elementary school.) Anyway, still fully NOT LEGAL, the singer-songwriter (think Cody Simpson meets Bruno Mars) has already cowritten songs with Babyface and signed a deal with BMG Publishing. In addition, his brand-new record, Young & Foolish, was cowritten with John Legend! AND did we mention that there's a video? And that it's so effing good, we're basically convinced that Alex is a mini-Justin Bieber who just so happens to look like Taylor Lautner circa the first "Twilight" installment? Yep, we thought you'd be interested.

Watch Alex Aiono's "Young & Foolish" video after the jump. 

In his straightforward, Marcel Chagnon-directed "Young & Foolish" clip, Alex sits in a wooden cottage (maybe it's a movie set, but roll with it!) as he casually strums his guitar and sings about the beauty and uncertainty of young love: "I'm young and foolish/ I don't know about much/ But I know this could be love." CU-UUTE! Also, kinda DYING to know if Alex had a "come hither" coach for this video. Because if Alex's gaze isn't potent enough to win over the hearts and minds of America's teen/tween population, then we don't know what is! Future heartbreaker doesn't even begin to cover it.

Alex Aiono's "Young & Foolish" drops today on iTunes! Download it here.

+ Watch Alex Aiono's "Young & Foolish" video.

Photo credit: Della Bass

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