Video Premiere: Alexz Johnson, ‘Walking’

Alexz Johnson takes a long stroll in her 'Walking' video.

Meet Alexz Johnson. She started out as a teen pop singer and actress who found fame on the Canadian TV show "Instant Star," on Disney's "So Weird," and on "Smallville." And "Pretty Little Liars" fans (don't act like you don't love that show) will definitely remember her song, "Time To Be Your 21" from the season 1 finale.

After a good run of four seasons, Alexz dropped the pop thing in favor of a folksy, down-to-earth, organic sound best embodied by her new tune "Walking." But it wasn't such an easy path. After major label tie-ups, Alexz decided to take matters into her own hands. She raised nearly $70,000 via Kickstarter (!!!), released her long-awaited Skipping Stone EP, and filmed a video for her new single "Walking" while she was at it. BOOM.

Watch Alexz Johnson's "Walking" video after the jump. 

In "Walking," Alexz is seen, well, walking through a lush green park. Vaguely reminiscent of Adele's "Someone Like You" video, Alexz confidently strolls her way through the beautiful setting as she asks herself: "So why am I walking?/ And this I don't know/ Why I keep walking in circles/ When I've got nowhere to go?" (Honey, I ask myself that question all the time while I'm on the treadmill. It's like I'm totally walking, yet getting absolutely nowhere.)

While the video avoids an intricate plot, its simplicity serves as the perfect canvas upon which Alexz's fans can appreciate her poignant lyrics and her true sense of artistry. I do wonder, though -- how is it that Alexz's blond hair stayed so perfectly coiffed even while walking at a brisk pace? Jealous.

+ Watch Alexz Johnson's "Walking" video, catch her on the "Skipping Stone" tour, and listen to more of her music below.

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