Video Premiere: Angelique Sabrina, ‘Pull Up’

Watch Angelique Sabrina do the "Pull Up." 

Remember yesterday when we gave you the Buzz On 14-year-old island-pop artist Angelique Sabrina? And remember when we told you that she may, in fact, be the next Rihanna? Thanks to her latest video, "Pull Up," we can now confirm that Angelique is probably the next Rihanna... and maybe some other really famous people, too.

Watch Angelique Sabrina's "Pull Up" video after the jump. 

In her seriously dope "Pull Up" video, Angelique flaunts her status as a triple threat. Not only does she look stunning, but her voice is on point and her dance moves are straight outta "America's Best Dance Crew." As a song, "Pull Up" is about as catchy as it gets -- set to an island-flavored pop beat (think "Pon De Replay" meets "Pon De Floor" meets traditional Bahamian music), Angelique's new tune is not only radio ready, but also introduces the world to the "Pull Up," a new dance coined by Angelique. Yep, she just balls out like that.

Plot-wise, the video is simple: Angelique roams the beautiful streets of her native Bahamas when suddenly she's transported right into the middle of Hollywood. Angelique spots some of her pals on the street and naturally, they all begin to "Pull Up!" (And extremely well, if I might add.) Angelique and her posse move the party to the beach where the non-alcoholic festivities continue to rage on. We've said it once and we'll say it again: Watch yo back Rihanna world, Angelique is on the come up.

Watch Angelique Sabrina's "Pull Up" video. 

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