Video Premiere: Angels & Airwaves, ‘Surrender’

Angels & Airwaves are ready for revolution.

Angels & Airwaves are about to occupy your eyeballs. While musicians ranging from Tom Morello to Anti-Flag have supported the Occupy Wall Street movement, this is one of the first times the protests have gotten music video love. (Penguin Prison gave the movement a huge shout-out in his "Don't F*** With My Money" video.) AVA's "Surrender" finds the band on their 99 percent grind, with frontman Tom DeLonge singing in front of Occupy and Anonymous posters.

Watch Angels & Airwaves' "Surrender" video after the jump.

"I will not surrender," he calls out, singing for kids who "dance in city streets/ from the White House lawn to the Middle East." The video juxtaposes shots of young partiers with protesters facing off against riot police. They look mean! Which, unfortunately, is probably the point. It's a messy, scary world out there -- it's cool to see AVA do its part to shine a light on the situation.

Director William Eubank saves room for shots of the band rocking the anthemic track, which we'd love to see dudes take to the streets and jam for #OccupyUnionSquare. (Not to mention our living room, but we'll take what we can get.) The track's the latest from the band's Love: Part Two, which landed in November -- the band had to cancel its upcoming tour dates due to a DeLonge illness (get well soon!), but we're sure we'll see them back on the road shortly.

+ Watch Angels & Airwaves' "Surrender" video.

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