Video Premiere: Asteroids Galaxy Tour, ‘Major’

Asteroids Galaxy Tour's all about contradiction in their gorgeously wacky video "Major," the latest single from the Danish psych-pop band's sophomore album, Out of Frequency. All throughout the horn-soaked dance floor anthem, the "Major" video cuts between grainy black-and-white footage (including riots, protests, building demolitions and ill-fated space shuttle takeoffs) and shots of glamourpuss singer Mette Lindberg strutting around in a string of killer ensembles. Meanwhile, the lyrics to "Major" veer from scary and threatening ("These filthy streets will eat your soul") to sweetly ego-stroking ("You're the best, you're the most, you're the toast of the Barbary coast!").

Watch Asteroids Galaxy Tour's "Major" video after the jump.

Mette may be the coolest contradiction of all. Like some dangerously foxy babe straight out of "Austin Powers," she looks both beamed in from the future and giddily stuck in the '60s. Her voice is equal parts old-school soul singer and Brittany from The Chipettes, which works perfectly with Asteroids Galaxy Tour's genre-warping, brain-bending mix of psychedelia, funk, pop and indie-rock. But maybe what's most impressive is Mette's bonkers fake eyelashes -- we're pretty sure they could poke your eye out, but somehow you'd love every last second of it.

+ Watch Asteroid Galaxy Tour's "Major" video.

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