Video Premiere: Battleme, ‘Touch’

Falling out the back of a paramedic van isn't usually a good look, but Battleme's Matt Drenik makes it work: In the video for "Touch," the indie rocker rolls his way to a pimped-out ride and winds up jamming with his freshly grown clones. Clones! Then he goes back to sleep. Yup, best paramedic van painkiller dream ever.

You've probably heard Battleme's music soundtracking "Sons of Anarchy" -- the band's cover of Neil Young's "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)" -- because the show has more than 1.5 million YouTube views, which is 1.5 million more than our latest cat video. (Where you at, cat people?!) Before the new project, Drenik played in Austin band Lions, starting Battleme after moving to Portland and vibing on '90s classics from bands such as Flaming Lips.

Watch Battleme's "Touch" video after the jump.

The medical imagery's not all make-believe -- he went for the change of scene and sound after being diagnosed with uvetis, an autoimmune disease. And "Touch" doesn't shy away from his journey back to health: "I want to hear some new blood going down into my broken feet/ I want to hear my problems banging out when I hit the street," he sings to open the track. The music's more upbeat and edgy, all tightly strummed electric guitars and searing falsetto as the rhythm section does its best LCD Soundsystem. Rock and roll: It can still save your life, or at least kick your butt at the gym.

Keep an eye out for Battleme's self-titled debut April 24 on Trashy Moped Recordings, the label run by Ghostland Observatory's Thomas Turner, who also produced the new set -- and get in "Touch" with the band below.

+ Watch Battleme's "Touch" video.

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