Video Premiere: Ca$h Out Featuring B.o.B, ‘Exclusive’

Ca$h Out and B.o.B show how they spend their frequent flyer miles in the video for "Exclusive."

Ca$h Out and B.o.B demonstrate the best way to spend frequent-flyer miles in their "Exclusive" video.

Some people don't get off on material things, and then there's Ca$h Out, who... well, is pretty much called "Ca$h Out" for a reason. (Dude's got a dollar sign in his name, so he's REQUIRED by law to ball.) And whenever we catch a glimpse of Ca$h Out, he's usually riding around with a girl named "Keisha," or literally "Cashin' Out" (also with Keisha -- are you detecting a theme here?). Nowadays, the Atlanta rapper (with B.o.B this time... sorry Keisha!) is taking his balling to the skies on a private jet in his latest video for "Exclusive."

Watch Ca$h Out featuring B.o.B's "Exclusive" video after the jump.

In the beginning of the clip, we see Ca$h Out at an airfield (private, of course) along with a cavalcade of homies and a bunch of women who belong on a runway (the fashion kind, not the one they're actually on). And like the total ballers they are, B.o.B and Ca$h Out are just having a grand ol' time, hanging out on their private jet, drinking champagne, and holding on to their beautiful female passengers for balance. #SkyParty!

Now we have some travel-related questions for Ca$h Out, the frequent flyer: Did he choose the kosher or the nonkosher meal? What was the in-flight movie? Does he fall asleep on planes easily? Does he have to dip into the Dramamine? Maybe someday we'll ride on a swagged-out private plane, but for now, we just wanna know Ca$h Out's flying routines. You know, just in case we ever DO find ourselves with an extra set of frequent-flyer miles/private jet. Never hurts to be prepared!

+ Watch Ca$h Out featuring B.o.B's "Exclusive" video.

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