Video Premiere: Chrystian, ‘Get It In’

Watch up-and-coming R&B crooner Chrystian's hot new video, 'Get It In.'

Nineteen-year-old "Buzz On" alum Chrystian is about to get real famous, which is why we're thrilled to be able to premiere the new video for his track "Get It In" (hairflip!). Chrystian's an imposing triple-threat who can write, dance, and sing. And it doesn't hurt that dude's real easy on the eyes, too.

Chrystian sounds like a mix between Chris Brown, Usher and Jason Derulo, and these big-time comparisons were instantly confirmed when we saw how swagged-out he gets in his "Get It In" video. Shot in Los Angeles, "Get It In" was directed by the famed Ryan Pallotta and choreographed by internationally acclaimed choreographer Luam (Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney Spears). If that's not enough to impress, then let us alert you to the fact that Ashley Everett, the featured dancer in "Get It In," was also one of the dancers in Beyonce’s “Single Ladies." Helps to have all the right friends.

Watch Chrystian's "Get It In" video after the jump. "Get It In" is an uptempo pop-n-B banger that serves as the perfect backdrop for Chrystian to showcase his effortless dance moves. Set in an abandoned warehouse, the video primarily features shots of Chrystian and his troupe of dancers killing the choreography and looking totally chill while doing so. As the video comes to a close, not only does Chrystian keep his cool in the rain, but you're left kinda unsure if you've just watched Chrystian or the latest Usher video. (Like, it was actually confusing at times.) Nothing but big things ahead for this one, guys!

+ Watch Chrystian's "Get It In" video.

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