Video Premiere: Curren$y Featuring Wale, ‘What It Look Like’

'What it look like?' Curren$y and Wale will tell you.

What it look like? It looks like Curren$y linked up with Wale at a private jet terminal for the official video of the first single from Curren$y's upcoming album, The Stoned Immaculate. And it makes sense that the New Orleans rapper would want to shoot with a G5 (or whatever number they're on now) in the background -- he is the Jet-Life emcee, after all. Spitta Ferrari even brought a damn chamber orchestra to the airport with him just in case producer Bink!'s compassionate orchestral composition alone isn't enough to make you feel like you're sitting in some lavish, oak-walled, candlelit back room, eating lobster and filet mignon with your napkin tucked into your shirt.

Watch Curren$y and Wale's video for "What It Look Like" after the jump.

Bink! is a legend in the game, and anyone should be proud to have a Wikipedia page with just a fraction of his hits. But he's also the man responsible for Rick Ross' "Cigar Music," arguably the starting point for Rozay's current multiyear domination of rap. There are obvious (and intentional) similarities on "What It Look Like," but hopefully that just means we can expect the same high level of quality on the rest of The Stoned Immaculate that was delivered to us on Ross' classic, Deeper Than Rap.

You can cop "What It Look Like" at digital outlets on April 10, and The Stoned Immaculate drops in stores June 5. It's a fitting title as Curren$y loves "recreational" smoking (duh), but it's also the name of a poem by Jim Morrison from The Doors, who are having a great week-in-rap after Frankie P's excellent Doors X Clipse mashup mix, which you should listen to (it's great).

+ Watch the video for Curren$y featuring Wale, "What It Look Like."

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