Video Premiere: Daniel Bedingfield, ‘Rocks Off’

Remember Daniel Bedingfield -- Natasha's bro -- from way back in 2004? The über-sensitive "If You're Not the One" singer is back, and his new video for "Rocks Off" gets pretty, uh, hard-core. The video starts with Bedingfield trying to lay down the track in his bathtub, before having his pajamas torn off by a horde of wild, underwear-clad women swarming him as if he were a KitchenAid mixer on Black Friday. Ladies love cool Daniel.

Watch Daniel Bedingfield's "Rocks Off" video after the jump.

The singer has gone indie for the edgy new track, which bumps with in-the-red drums and a sing-along hook that borrows one of our favorite Ke$ha rhymes: "I see ya trying to get my socks off/ You just want to get your rocks off," he chants. That's a long way from "If I don't need you/ Why am I crying on my bed?" We're into it!

Daniel's new, self-released EP is due this month, with hopefully a lot more to come -- in 2007, after taking time off to recover from a brutal car accident (ouch), he told the New Zealand Herald he had three (count 'em!) albums in the can. We'll take one with more drums like this, please. Get your rocks off below.

+ Watch Daniel Bedingfield's "Rocks Off" video.

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