Video Premiere: Green Day, ‘The Forgotten’

Watch Green Day's "Twilight"-themed video for "The Forgotten."

With one album down and two on the way from Green Day's new punk trinity, the band's signed a long-term lease on our brains -- and they've just dropped a new video that you won't soon forget. "The Forgotten" is Green Day's contribution to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 soundtrack, joining an all-star lineup including Feist, St. Vincent, Passion Pit, and even series star Nikki Reed, who collab'd with husband Paul McDonald on "All I've Ever Needed." And Green Day's ballad definitely brings the romance: "Don't look away from the arms of a moment/ Don't look away from the arms of love," Billie Joe Armstrong sings over a swelling string section and strident piano chords.

Watch Green Day's video for "The Forgotten" after the jump.

The video blends scratchy analog-style footage of Green Day recording the track and hitting the stage with scenes from Breaking Dawn, Part 2: Bella diving off a cliff, long-jumping over a waterfall, and running through the forest, straight into Edward's arms (of course). Vampire love, you guys! There are also tender moments with Cullen daughter Renesmee, now long past her babyhood. The video skimps on the fight scenes in favor of the couple's outdoor romance and family time, which just is fine by us. Because vampire babies, mystical wolf folklore, and Robert Pattinson!

The Breaking Dawn - Part 2 soundtrack bites into stores on Nov. 13, with the film -- the last one! aghhhhh! -- due Nov. 16.

+ Watch Green Day's "The Forgotten" video.

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