Video Premiere: Imagine Dragons, ‘It’s Time’

Check out Imagine Dragons' latest video, 'It's Time.'

If you were stuck in the middle of the desert after some kind of post-apocalyptic shipwreck with your bandmates, what's the one thing you have left to do? Put yourself in infinitely more danger, of course! Imagine Dragons take their cheery, indie-pop tune "It's Time" in a decidedly darker direction in their new video for the track, and I'm not sure I'd want these guys on my team at the end of the world.

Watch Imagine Dragons' "It's Time" video after the jump.

"It's Time" opens with the Las Vegas foursome headed out across an eerie desert landscape. Despite the impending thunderstorm, the band is on a quest to find resources. As lead singer Dan Reynolds belts the chorus -- "It's time to begin, isn't it/ I get a little bit bigger that that, I'll admit/ I'm just the same as I was/ Now don't you understand that I'm never changing who I am" -- and the band make their way to the scene of the accident, you think the dudes' lives are saved when they discover an iPad! JK, it's actually some kind of magic radiating bean, a la "Jack and the Beanstalk." The guys proceed to bury the glowing orb, only to find out that it's not exactly a fruitful plant that shoots out of the ground. Things don't end well for Imagine Dragons, and I'm dying to know what Freud would have to say about this scenario.

"It's Time" is the band's first single off of their latest EP, Continued Silence. Check out more videos and interviews with Imagine Dragons, our PUSH Artist of the Week.

+ Watch Imagine Dragons' "It's Time" video.

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