Video Premiere: Jennifer Lopez Featuring Flo Rida, ‘Goin’ In’

Jennifer Lopez and Flo Rida destroy the dance floor with a club banger in their 'Goin' In' video.

Lest you'd forgotten since she's so busy listing the following accomplishments on her LinkedIn -- actress, singer, businesswoman, chart-topper, (ex-) "American Idol" judge, and global superstar -- Jennifer Lopez is a straight-up beast on the the dance floor. (OK, also, Jennifer Lopez probably doesn't have a LinkedIn profile.) So it makes perfect sense that she's featured on the Step Up Revolution Soundtrack. Because it's clear that Jennifer Lopez's songs can get you out on the floor (she's even got a song called "On The Floor"), but her "Goin' In" video -- from her Dance Again...The Hits best-of album out this week -- proves that she can destroy you on the dance floor once you get there. (Now we know why she left "Idol" -- she was probably getting antsy from all that sitting.)

Watch Jennifer Lopez's "Goin' In" video featuring Flo Rida after the jump.

In the opening of the very colorful Ace Norton-directed club clip, we see La Lopez in a fuchsia hooded robe, lips adorned with crystals (very much want!), as she sings the opening lines. But as soon as the drop hits (you can thank GoonRock for the song's de rigueur EDM architecture and Lil Jon for the requisite choral shouts), Jenny starts busting moves that girls 20 years younger couldn't manage, as clips from "Step Up Revolution" are spliced into the video. Shirtless Flo Rida joins in the song about halfway in to kick this jam into dizzying overdrive. Truthfully, it's difficult to tell what's in the movie and what isn't, because that's how hard J. Lo is throwing down. Step Up 5 maybe with Jennifer as a lead, choreographer, dance captain and director? Just sayin'.

+ Watch Jennifer Lopez's "Goin' In" video featuring Flo Rida.

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