Video Premiere: Karmin, ‘I Told You So’

Karmin trying to get spooky in their latest video "Told You So" is kind of like your eight-year-old cousin putting on his Freddie Krueger Halloween costume -- it's just really adorable! Engaged duo (and our PUSH artist of the week) Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan take us to the looney bin in their new video for their most recent single, but you won't exactly need to sleep with the lights on when it's over. They can out-cute their way out of any scary situation!

Watch Karmin's "I Told You So" video after the jump.

"I Told You So" was directed by Brian DeCubellis of MTV Scratch, and the edgy video begins with Dr. Nick making patient Amy take a Rorschach test. We soon discover that Amy's trying to remember a lost night where some kind of crime (or something) may have taken place. Cue the ubiquitous flashback scenes and then...honestly, we're not really sure what happens next. All we really care about his Amy's flow in this song, which is still sick as hell: "I be racking up another million/ Make me another killin'/ Superwoman on the top." Then she gets so fast that we can't even transcribe it. Seriously.

It's definitely not happily ever after for Amy and Nick in "I Told You So" -- we discover that Dr. Nick actually had something to do with Amy's lost night, and things don't end so well for her. She might have even been poisoned! Regardless, it's the most adorable poisoning we've ever seen.

Karmin's debut EP Hello is out today.

+ Watch Karmin's "I Told You So" video.

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