Video Premiere: Kaskade & Skrillex, ‘Lick It’

If you didn't totally ruin your sneakers dubstepping at Coachella all weekend, Kaskade and Srillex are here to help you finish 'em off. (It's time to buy new summer kicks anyway, right?) The two EDM heavyweights have teamed up on "Lick It," the latest jam from Kaskade's Fire & Ice. This one's firmly on the latter tip: the thumping track comes along with a freaked-out video featuring a rave refugee covering her blood-squirting ears (ewwwww!) and looking for help in the bitter frozen tundra. It's like that snow-fighting sequence in "Goldeneye," but James Bond's secret weapon is Ableton 8. There's some tricky, gory backwards photography before our heroine, smiling and looking less zombie-bait-ready, finds the way to save herself: headphones! Phew. And just in time to escape the shovel-toting townsfolk -- we were getting worried.

Watch Kaskade and Skrillex's "Lick It" video after the jump.

The video's dangerous vibe gives an edge to the adventurous track's evolving grooves, which time-warps from disco to gritty bass to an '80s synth breakdown before teleporting back to 2012. Kaskade's Fire & Ice is out now, as is Skrillex's Bangarang EP -- on the off chance you missed him over the weekend (confession: we were watching Radiohead, which, OMG), Kaskade will be back at Coachella on Saturday, with both electro masters on tour  all summer.

+ Watch Kaskade and Skrillex's "Lick It" video.

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