Video Premiere: Lovedrug, ‘Wild Blood’

Watch the premiere of Lovedrug's latest video, 'Wild Blood.'

Not to be weird or anything, but I really wish I was dating one of the dudes from Ohio-based alt-rock outfit Lovedrug. First of all, they're hot they're very attractive, not to mention the fact that they're the perfect badass-band-dudes-with-a-sweetheart-edge that I could bring home to my Jewish mama. Oh, and they're great musicians as well. Ideal in every way.

Lovedrug's anthemic new single "Wild Blood" sounds like it could be the perfect soundtrack for your next road trip. It's got sweeping guitar licks and pounding drums that seriously make me wish I had a boyfriend with a vintage convertible to drive cross-country with (le sigh). In his lush and rich vocals, lead vocalist Michael Shepard sings, "I can't ignore what you said/ From inside the boxing ring/ I'm a lover, not a fighter/ We'll paint the black door red/ We'll party in the mezzanine/ Because we've got karma like a rocket."

Watch Lovedrug's "Wild Blood" video after the jump.

In the "Wild Blood" video, we learn the story of a young boy who gets bullied by a mean dude in the park. This innocent boy is just sitting by himself reading when this other kid comes up and shoots him in the eye with a slingshot! (My heart is breaking as I type. Shouldn't there be a park ranger somewhere in the vicinity to prevent this from happening?) After the kid gets attacked, he gets pissed and decides to bulk up. He rocks crunches, push-ups and various other workout moves, eventually transforming him into a lean, mean fighting machine. Once he's gathered the courage and strength, he finally finds his bully and pushes him into the pool! You go, dude! And props for keeping it PG and (mostly) violence-free.

+ Watch Lovedrug's "Wild Blood" video.

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