Video Premiere: Needtobreathe, ‘Keep Your Eyes Open’

Needtobreathe keep it retro in 'Keep Your Eyes Open.'

When we get nostalgic, it's usually for cool "Mad Men" suits, or Jeff Buckley, or the golden era of the Jonas Brothers, or our first AOL email address. But the men of Needtobreathe are taking it way back. The South Carolina band's postmodern "Keep Your Eyes Open" video, directed by Eric Ryan Anderson, time-travels all the way back to the 1890s, complete with the black-and-white 16-millimeter static of a vintage video projector, antique (and quite frankly kinda frightening-looking) steampunk-ish ophthalmological devices, old-timey suits and shades of sepia.

+ Watch Needtobreathe's "Keep Your Eyes Open" video after the jump.

The rugged song, from their No. 1 album, The Reckoning, is also a throwback -- it's a throaty, backwater rock anthem that smacks of Creedence Clearwater Revival, or, more recently, Kings of Leon. It's the type of song that could only come from Southern men with names like "Bo and "Bear" and "Stillwell" (sorry, Seth). But nostalgia aside, at its core, "Keep Your Eyes Open" is all about looking ahead, holding on and heading for "the great unknown." By the way, the band's already toured with Taylor Swift, so we're pretty sure (read: 100 percent sure) their future looks like bright.

Speaking of looking forward and back, Needtobreathe spent much of last year touring and just kicked off their own headlining tour, complete with a vintage yet clickable map. And they'll be rocking all the way through September, when they'll play Disney World. (Dreams really do come true.) They're also making a stop in Tennessee to play Bonnaroo, and we expect "Keep Your Eyes Open" will be one of the festival's highlights.

+ Watch Needtobreathe's "Keep Your Eyes Open" video.

Photo credit: Joshua Drake

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