Video Premiere: Neon Hitch, ‘Love U Betta’

If there was a metaphor college, Neon Hitch would have graduated summa cum laude. In her new Chris Applebaum-directed video (Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez) "Love U Betta," Neon shows her soon-to-be boyfriend (lover? praying mantis?) that she can "love" him better than any other girl before her, and she uses her most prized assets to prove her point (read: her butt). Also, there's a giant blooming flower visual that bookends the video. Subtle!

Watch Neon Hitch's "Love U Betta" video after the jump.

Over a sweet electro track, "Love U Betta" opens with Neon Hitch in all her fiery-haired glory nearly naked on a single chair. She shows us her best "Striptease" moves while she writhes to the beat: "She's prettier than I'll ever be/ Got yourself beauty queen/ But there's one thing I gotta say/ She can love you good/ But I can love you better." In the next scene, Ms. Hitch is grinding on a mannequin look-alike and then on top of a grave (probably your ex-girlfriend's), and we're seriously wondering who her yoga instructor is.

But no "I'm better than your ex" video would be complete without the ubiquitous solo oil wrestling scene! Neon Hitch gets down and dirty (literally) as she covers her entire body in black oil or latex or some other substance that you can only buy in an 18+ store. Then, the flower closes. Fin.

+ Watch Neon Hitch's "Love U Betta" video.

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