Video Premiere: Pretty & Nice, ‘Hibernate’

 Watch Pretty & Nice's "Hibernate" video.

Careful: Pretty & Nice's "Hibernate" video might give you a strobe seizure.

There's a saying in Boston, home to indie/dance/psych/pop/everything-at-once trio Pretty & Nice, that if you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes, because it's going to change real quick. That same thinking applies to the new video for their song "Hibernate," the first single on the recent Us You All We EP.

Watch "Hibernate" by Pretty & Nice after the jump.

"Do you remember the sun?" they sing, over a kaleidoscopic spin of sound, jumping from hard-edged guitars, to psychedelic excursions into the ether. Probably not, it's freezing right now. Taking "some time to hibernate" sounds like a pretty good idea at the moment.

The whirl of color translates into the visuals for the video as well, a waking dream of grasping, disembodied hands reaching from the edges of the screen toward the band's floating faces, splashed with film-projector glare, and broken down into linear X-ray patterns.

"Believe it or not, this is our first official music video," bass player Roger Lussier explained to Buzzworthy. "The time had certainly come." The video was directed by friend of the band Dillon Buss over a few nights at a kung fu studio in Boston, he says.

"A few weeks before we filmed, he brought us to an editing suite where he showed us a bunch of ideas and editing tricks that he had mastered. We basically gave him free reign to make it as crazy as he saw fit. We figured that because 'Hibernate' changes and evolves sonically, it would make the most sense for the video to have a similar sense of motion and action."

"We absolutely love the way it came out and hope that everyone else loves it as much as we do," he says. And if you don't, just give it some time, it's bound to change.

+ Watch Pretty & Nice's "Hibernate" video.

Photo credit: Pax Natural/Lost Colony Music

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