Video Premiere: Sarah Jaffe, ‘Glorified High’

Sarah Jaffey's hair is the envy of everyone. Incredibly, her music is even better.

So, we have more than a little bit of a crush on Sarah Jaffe. The Texas-based singer-songwriter inhabits the kind of lushly delicate but still throbbing and glitchy folktronica that grabbed our attention when we first heard Ellie Goulding, plus just about the coolest Robyn-esque hairstyle we've ever seen. She-swag? Yep, pretty much.

Watch Sarah Jaffe's "Glorified High" video after the jump.

Sarah's video for "Glorified High," the gorgeous new single from her just-released album, The Body Wins, sees the chanteuse sharing the spotlight to an impossibly cool 11-year-old dancer who has, um, moves like Jagger, and then some. "I kept coming back to the idea of a kid dancing," Sarah told us. "So I went through this slew of videos of little kids doing the Dougie and the Jerk, and somehow came across Emily -- it was this amazing video of her and her choreographer Mikey Trasoras, who choreographed all of Emily's moves for the video. We really lucked out. Her delivery for each move is so on point."

"On point" doesn't even begin to do it justice. We only have one question: Emily, can you teach us to dance? I'm being so serious right now.

+ Watch Sarah Jaffe's "Glorified High" video.

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