Video Premiere: Say Anything, ‘Say Anything’

Say Anything stop everything in their 'Say Anything' video.

Close your eyes for one second while watching Say Anything's new "Say Anything" video, and you could miss the boxing drum set! Or some QUALITY Ace Ventura-level mugging by Adam Siska. The stop-motion video (a thing that's so hot right now) is full of more stuff than a Costco: We had to watch it twice just to keep up with singer Max Bemis' animated shirt. If cotton cassettes and dinosaurs in love don't hold your attention, the band soon joins the musician for some dizzying multicolored rocking. Which is when the drummer goes all Manny Pacquiao on his 7-foot kit.

Watch Say Anything's "Say Anything" video after the jump.

It's cute, too: Bemis hugs a dog, proposes marriage (!) and rides his chair down to the taco shop for lunch. (There's always time for tacos.) Meanwhile, the upbeat song keeps its ingredients simple: "Anything for you," Bemis repeats like a mantra on the acoustic chorus, before the electric guitars take off. Dude's definitely a romantic -- minus the, uh, verses about committing genocide, maybe? We’d do anything for love, but we won’t do that.

The darkly feel-good track is the latest from the band's album Anarchy, My Dear. Say Anything will be out rocking America for the next few weeks, but you can get your fix right here.

+ Watch Say Anything's "Say Anything" video.

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