Video Premiere: SBTRKT, ‘Hold On’

SBTRKT is the project of London electro producer Aaron Jerome, who's a fan of minimalist beats and hiding behind ceremonial masks. Mysterious! After years of U.K. buzz, he made his full-length debut with last summer's SBTRKT, a clean but dance-floor-ready set that sounds like the world's classiest Coachella afterparty. The musician's latest is "Hold On," one of his several collaborations with U.K. singer Sampha -- a soulful newcomer whose vocals remind us of Seal, kissed by an English rose. Oh, and NBD, but our BFF Cassie told us she's a big SBTRKT fan, too.

Watch SBTRKT's "Hold On" video after the jump.

The tense "Hold On" is about a lover giving "the coldest stare" and "not coming back," and the Sam Pilling-directed video turns Sampha's words into a late-night suburban drama: As synthesizer chords light up one by one, our hero drives home to find his girlfriend hitting the road with a suitcase. As any Ryan Gosling aficionado would, he jumps in the car to pursue, then something strange happens -- the wheel's on the wrong side of the dashboard! Wait, that's just Europe. But he does gets trapped in a surreal time loop, seeing his partner through the window but never running quite fast enough to reach her before she vanishes. London: basically "The Twilight Zone," just with way cooler drum sounds.

+ Watch SBTRKT's "Hold On" video.

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