Video Premiere: Soft Swells, ‘Summer Song’

Soft Swells sing one last summer anthem.

"I don't want this summer to ever end," Tim Williams sings in Soft Swells' "Summer Song." Well, if summer means jamming out on your enormous balcony by a sun-drenched Hollywood skyline, we wouldn't want it to end either. Tim probably has AC, too. Playing out like a love letter to laid-back afternoons, "Summer Song"'s video is prettier than your favorite Instagram filter: we see a lady friend in a vintage Guns N' Roses shirt (borrowed from Adam Sandler on the set of "The Wedding Singer"?!) sorting through vinyl records, reading a good book, sketching, and laying down some sweet bass lines, all without the help of socks. And then later without other apparel, though Soft Swells keep it PG. Best summer ever?

Watch Soft Swells' "Summer Song" video after the jump.

The track adds urgency to the video's calming visuals, its chugging guitars restrained by head nodding, drumming, and Williams' breezy vocals. And we're not through making comparisons: The song's mellowed-out vibe is like drinking the exact right amount of Intelligentsia coffee, and follows in the footsteps of like-minded mellow indie rockers Real Estate. Soft Swells' self-titled debut is out now on Modern Outsider, and we're going to go ahead and play it on loop by the pool pretending it's 90 degrees again and not...October. Indian summer, anyone?

+ Watch Soft Swells' "The Summer Song" video and download the track for free.

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