Video Premiere: The Downtown Fiction, ‘Get It Right’ Live (VIDEO)

Check out  The Downtown Fiction's 'Get It Right' live video from their Pineapple EP.

Here's a little warning to heed before you get anywhere near Virginia power-pop act The Downtown Fiction's "Get It Right." If you do choose to indulge in our exclusive live video of their song "Get It Right" -- and you should -- it will likely get lodged in your brain even more quickly than "Call Me Maybe" got stuck there. In short, if you're cool with singing this jam for the rest of time or until the Mayan Calendar says we'll all combust, then let us direct you to an exclusive live video of The Downtown Fiction performing their addictive hit off their Pineapple EP.

Watch The Downtown Fiction's "Get It Right" live video after the jump. 

Don''t let the chillaxed opening verse fool you -- by the time we get to the chorus, "Get It Right" cranks hard and rips its way into a bona fide rock record: "I'll get it right/No matter what I do/I, I'll make it up to you/I may not act my age/And nothing goes my way/But I, try and get it right." Now someone please explain: Why can't all men take The Downtown Fiction's advice? Just give us girls exactly what we want, and we'll be nice to you forever!

+ Watch The Downtown Fiction's "Get It Right" live video.

Photo Credit: Brett Arthur

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