Video Premiere: The Killers, ‘Runaways’

The Killers play through the night in the desert in "Runaways."

Lately, The Killers have dropped a number of coy hints regarding their long-awaited fourth album, Battle Born, due out this fall. They debuted a few new songs at a Webster Hall show in New York this week and also released "Runaways," the album's first single. Now that we have a proper video to go with the song, we get to see what the guys look like after a few years out of the limelight. Most notably, Brandon Flowers shed his trademark facial hair for a clean-shaven baby face. Is that all it takes to look ageless? We're only asking for a friend, of course.

Watch The Killers' "Runaways" video after the jump.

"Runaways" begins with a starry night and Brandon Flowers singing in a dark desert. It seems really lonesome, but the band is from Nevada, so they're probably used to those wide open spaces that seem even wider in the dark of night. After that, we see a car speeding quickly into the night (presumably carrying runaways, but we're just guessing). Brandon's joined by the rest of the band performing on futuristic platforms and gazing upon the desert and the unmistakable glow of Las Vegas as the song echoes out across the night with intensely Springsteenian American longing (if that makes sense, and I think it does). In the best possible way.

The Killers have had so many memorable videos, and "Runaways" too belongs in the hallowed halls of signature Killers clips like "Human," "When You Were Young," and "Mr. Brightside."

+ Watch The Killers' "Runaways" video.

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