Video Premiere: The Parlotones, ‘Save Your Best Bits’

Watch the Parlotones' anthemic, prom-themed 'Save Your Best Bits' video.

The Parlotones play the kind of swoon-worthy, nice-guy Britpop that make us want to book the next flight to Glastonbury -- except they're from Johannesburg, where they opened for Coldplay last year. The South African band's "Save Your Best Bits" video blends the group's white-tie performance with a Wes Anderson-esque retro prom night, full of goofy dancing, an adorable under-the-sea set and even some almost-hand-holding. Hey, they took it slow back in the day. Bonus points for our nerdy heroine's totally '80s hairstyle, which reminds us to track down our prom photos so we can, uh, hide them in the basement forever.

Watch The Parlotones' "Save Your Best Bits" video after the jump.

But in between the wallflower romance and polyester suits, the anthemic track has its eyes to the future: "Don't look back," Kahn Morbee sings in the triumphant chorus. "Save your best bits for tomorrow." YOLO, you guys. You can seize the day on May 8 when the band's fifth album, Journey Through The Shadows, drops. In the meantime, we'll be journeying through their discography on Spotify and mustering up our courage for the next big dance.

+ Watch The Parlotones' "Save Your Best Bits."

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