Video Premiere: The Wanted, ‘Chasing The Sun’

If we found out The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun" video was literally four minutes of the five Brits watching paint dry, we'd seriously have no complaints. We're like, obsessed with these bros right now. But thankfully, we don't even have to lie -- their new "Chasing The Sun" video is right up our alley. Think partying all night, flirting up a storm and piggyback rides from the boys. Oh, yes, I said "piggyback rides."

"Chasing The Sun" opens with the five Wanted dudes on a rooftop singing about their new loves: "I'm better/ So much better now/ I see the light, touch the light/ We're together now." We see the boys make their way to a late-night party where they're toasting over beers and dancing with pretty girls. Eventually, each one of them pair up (we're guessing this happens a lot?) and it's off to the after party with their new girlfriends for the night. The group eventually find themselves at some kind of makeout party, and things are going swimmingly. (Remember the one Stephanie Tanner went to? Scandalz!) But then, whoops, all the girls turn into... well, we won't spoil it for you, but it's generally not the best thing you can find out about your new girlfriend (aside from finding out she hates pizza or something sacrilegious like that). "Chasing The Sun" takes on a whole new meaning once The Wanted's night is over. Muahaha!

+ Watch The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun" video, and watch their exclusive MTV First interview with MTV News!


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