Video Premiere: Thomas Fiss, ‘Let Go’

Thomas Fiss teaches you how to 'Let Go' in his brand-new video.

Ummmm, not to be a total girl about this or anything, but holy eff, Thomas Fiss is a DIME! I know I should be focusing on his music and all, but how can I even listen when I'm too distracted by HIS FACE. Moving right along, if you're thinking Thomas' mug looks familiar, then you might recognize this pop crooner from his stint in the boy band Varsity Fanclub. But Fiss has since gone solo and managed to catch the attention of OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder who, ya know, produced his EP. Pretty safe to say the kid's already ballin' out.

 Watch Thomas Fiss' "Let Go" video after the jump. 

Fiss' latest record is "Let Go," and it's a sugary sweet, melodic pop song that serves as the perfect backdrop for Thomas to showcase his lush vocals. Fiss sings about some chick who is unfortunately not me and how he'll guide her through all the tough times (shocker, he's also the perfect boyfriend): "When we kissed I could see our hearts beating/ Whisper love and I swear that I’ll hear it/ If you’re thinking you don’t know/ I’ll teach you to let go/ Let go."

It's a pretty straightforward video that focuses on some crucial close-ups of Thomas' face. But then again, with a punim like his, what else do you really need? Look out for Thomas Fiss' full-length album, due out this summer.

+  Watch Thomas Fiss' "Let Go" video

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