Video Premiere: Usher, ‘Numb’

Usher recalls past successes and failures in his "Numb" video.

It's tough to see any pop star having to cancel a show due to illness (and no, we're not talking about puking and rallying), but it's even sadder when you relive the moment over and over again. The latest track from his Looking 4 Myself disc, Usher's "Numb" video takes fans all the way back to a fateful day in August 2011 at the O2 Arena in Berlin when an illness caused him to cut his set short. Usher holds nothing back either -- the IRL video footage includes the "Climax" singer standing alone on stage as the crowd boos and screams. Legit, it was actually sad to watch!

Watch Usher's "Numb" video after the jump.

Directed by Chris Applebaum and Grace Harry, the video juxtaposes footage from Usher's hospital stay and shots of him performing some sick dance moves in an enclosed glass box. Clearly, being sick and dancing in glass boxes have no literal connection, but let's whip out some eighth-grade English for a sec and say that perhaps Usher and the glass box is a metaphor for holding nothing back? He's vulnerable, exposed, and dancing for all the world to see! (But Usher is an amazing dancer, so why wouldn't he want to show off?) Whatever guys, metaphors are complex! Just watch Usher's video! Love it as much as we did, OK? Great.

Watch Usher's "Numb" video.

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