Video Premiere: Wallpaper., ‘F****** Best Song Everrr’

Wallpaper. parties hardy in his 'F ****** Best Song Everrr'video. 

MTV PUSH alum Wallpaper.'s new video for his track "F****** Best Song Everrr" is out, and holy EFF, can this boy party. In fact, we're not even sure that everything we just witnessed in the "F****** Best Song Everrr" video is legal in all fifty states, but we DGAF! Wallpaper. is a bad-ass -- if you can't hack it, there's the door.

Watch Wallpaper.'s "F****** Best Song Everrr" video after the jump.  

In the video, Wallpaper. and his pals throw a gigantic pool party fully stocked with hot babes, blow-up floatation devices, some burgers on the BBQ and tons of liquor, natch. As he throws back a few drinks, Wallpaper. hits on some chicks, but mainly he's just concerned with having the best time that anyone's had at a party, ever(rr): "Find me in the clubby/ Going duper dumby/ Borrowing your money/ In the bathroom, flask full of iced tea/ College grad chick straddling me/ I think that she want me." We're sure she does, yo. Wall continues raging at full speed (don't you need a snack?), and just as some girls start puking up orange daiquiris, it becomes apparent that there's some weird ish going down. As it turns out, if you accidentally get too shwasty at a Wallpaper. function, you automatically burst into a giant ball of confetti. True story.

Just as Wallpaper. does a massive cannonball into the pool, he also reaches his limit and bursts into a giant cloud of sparkly nothingness. Sure, it sounds a little risky and potentially life-ending, but who cares? We wanna party with Wallpaper.! Hit a girl up. I can fully rage!

+ Watch Wallpaper.'s "F****** Best Song Everrr" video. 

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