Video Premiere: William Beckett, ‘Compromising Me’

William Beckett compromises nothing in his new 'Compromising Me' video.

As much as we miss The Academy Is, former frontman William Beckett's solo work is venturing into some intriguing territory, kinda like how Patrick Stump went off on a really unexpected -- and really refreshing -- tangent after Fall Out Boy. Just like in romantic relationships, breakups, though totally the worst, often leave you in a better, more mature place, and on his own, William Beckett's no exception. His four-song EP, Walk The Talk, included the irresistible sing-along anthem "Oh, Love!" And today, our obsession with William Beckett's mature new sound (and mature new look -- heLLOOOOO!) continues as he reveals his hip and kitschy video for "Compromising Me."

Watch William Beckett's "Compromising Me" video after the jump. 

Working a high-energy, pop/rock vibe, William's new jam solidifies his status a bonafide solo artist. (In fact, we'd venture to say he's transitioned with the ease of Justin Timberlake.) "Compromising Me" has a Rivers Cuomo-meets-Beck flavor with a dash of Fall Out Boy somewhere in the vocal mix. In the clip, William looks chill as ever as he sings about life and what we have to do to maintain our integrity: "I don’t care what you’re saying about me/ No, I don’t care/ I don’t care what you think about me.../ I can’t let you be this constant/ Compromising me." Yeah dude, don't let anything change your beliefs! (Or your hair -- we're really loving it these days.)

Watch William Beckett's "Compromising Me" video

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