Video Premiere: Wiz Khalifa Featuring 2 Chainz, ‘It’s Nothin”

Wiz Khalifa has some wild fun in the desert in his latest video, "It's Nothin'."

There are very few dudes like Wiz Khalifa. He's clearly a "march to the beat of his own drum" kinda guy. So if you were to tell us there was a rapper who decided to drive out to the desert in an expensive sports car and destroy TVs while wearing a Native American headdress, we would probably guess Wiz Khalifa first. It just sounds like something he would go for. In his new video for "It's Nothin'" (and with a little help from 2 Chainz), Wiz confirms our suspicions that he is DEF the kind of guy to do this. We cherish your individualism, Wiz. Never change.

Watch Wiz Khalifa Featuring 2 Chainz's "It's Nothin'" after the jump.

At the start of the clip we see the daddy-to-be packing his bags and heading out into the dusty yonder. But to do what? Oh, just to destroy some stuff. (We guess this is the "Play Hard" part of "Work Hard Play Hard.") 2 Chainz joins him on the track -- because it seems these days it's not legal to release a song in 2012 without him taking a guest spot -- and proceeds to sit upon a throne next to a suit of armor, which you can't help but feel will move. Don't know why, you just get that feeling. What we're trying to say is that in a video like this, with an artist like Wiz, anything can happen. That's why he's one of a kind. March on, Wiz. Just make sure you have enough gas to get home. It's a long walk back to civilization!

Watch Wiz Khalifa Featuring 2 Chainz's "It's Nothin'."

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