Video Preview: Madonna, ‘Girl Gone Wild’

Madonna drops a steamy 'Girl Gone Wild' video teaser from her forthcoming MDNA album.

Madonna has just premiered a (way too) short teaser for her second MDNA single, "Girl Gone Wild." Even though it's only 26 seconds, we can safely say it bears no resemblance to those icky, infamous spring breaker videos of the same name.

In the stylish black-and-white clip, our gal Madge is in a hot, shiny black skintight number flanked by a couple of hot scantily clad men. When she's not moving with the guys to the song's thumping beat, she's restrained by chains, which can't keep her from finding a sexy groove. Silly chains, don't you know it's Madonna you've got there? Nothing can hold Madge back. As for being a girl gone wild, it's the guys that look to be having the most fun in the clip -- with a makeout sesh. Steamy!

"Girl Gone Wild" is from her forthcoming 12th studio album, MDNA, which is set for release March 26.

+ Watch Madonna's video preview of "Girl Gone Wild."

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