Voltaire’s New 5″ Mini Qee Bunnypocalypse Begins



It’s Friday the 13th again and that can only mean one thing… Voltaire and his evil teddy bear friend, Deady will be invading the popular on-line role-playing game, AdventureQuest Worlds (http://www.aq.com/ )! And this time, it’s going to be a BUNNYPOCALYPSE! Deady’s comic book nemesis, Sleezter Bunny is trying to take over the world of Lore and only you (disguised as a bunny) can stop him! Of course Voltaire and Deady will be there to help you.

It wouldn’t be a Friday the 13th event without an exciting, new, vinyl toy release, now would it? Voltaire continues his “Deady and Fiends” 5 Inch Mini-Qee series with Toy2R by unleashing a wave of evil bunnies. Of course his evil teddy bear, Deady is in the mix, this time disguised as a rabbit. Along for the ride is Deady’s comic book nemesis Sleezter Bunny as well as Black/White and Silver variants of both. Rounding out the series is a Voltaire exclusive figure called “Sleezter Deady” available ONLY through Voltaire’s webstore: http://voltaire.net/store/

As usual, all of the vinyl figures come with a code to unlock exclusive, digital pets in the game!

Also, Voltaire will sing an AQ version of his world premiere song “Bunnypocalypse” (you can hear the original version here:(http://www.youtube.com/voltaireMusicPage ) and songs from his upcoming “Riding a Black Unicorn Instrumental and Karaoke album” will be featured. So go to http://www.aq.com/ , create a character and join the melee!

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