Vote for New Toys in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” Campaign

Walmart is currently running an interesting online contest called “Get on the Shelf“. Walmart invited businesses and individuals to submit products that are not currently sold by Walmart to send it a “pitch video” for their products, and they are going to let the public vote for their favorites. There will be three winners, getting a shot at selling on and enjoying valuable free marketing support. The grand prize winning product could be carried by Walmart’s physical stores too. Winners also could get guidance on scaling up production to meet Walmart demand. All contestants will get some free visibility, and who knows where that could lead!

There are many categories and one of them is TOYS.  There aren’t many action figure-like pitches but there are quite a few interesting submissions.

You can see the full list of toy products, their pitch videos and vote for your favorites by clicking here.

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