Vote For Your Favorite Bands EVER In MTV’s Musical March Madness Bracket

Attention compulsive gamblers and Coheed and Cambria fans (which is not to suggest the two are mutually exclusive): I'm James Montgomery from MTV News and I'm here to tell you that MTV's Musical March Madness tournament is back… pitting the 64 bands that matter most against one another, with fans determining all the winners. It's a battle of band bracketology, just like the NCAA Basketball tournament, only with, like, The Black Keys as Michigan State.

And while, yes, I realize that comparison might not make much sense to dedicated Buzzworthy readers, It bears note that Tokio Hotel are in this year's tourney, and I know how much Tamar loves them. Oh, and Ke$ha too. She seems to be a Buzzworthy fave.

Joining them in the bracket are the likes of defending MMM champs Green Day, Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons and Florence + the Machine (to name just a few). You can get up to speed on all the action over at MTV News, and then vote for your favorites in our interactive bracket. Even if you don't give a crap about sports (or rock bands), well, hey, it's Monday, and voting is fun.

The first round runs until Sunday at midnight ET, and we'll keep going until only one band is left standing… with the big, gold trophy in hand! Thanks in advance for playing along, and I now return you to your regularly scheduled Bieber updates.

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