Wallpaper. And Mac Miller Discuss Record Deals, Microwave Pizza (VIDEO)

MTV PUSH alum Wallpaper.'s new video for his smash "Best Song Everrr" premieres tomorrow on MTV, and in anticipation of this exceptionally crucial day, we're immersing ourselves in all things Wallpaper.! So we're watching Wallpaper. be way cooler than us and interview famous peeps like Mac Miller at this year's Woodies.

Watch Wallpaper. interview Mac Miller at the 2012 Woodies after the jump.

It's no surprise that both Mac and Wallpaper. love to party, but coincidentally they also share a passion for... microwave pizzas. Yes, these two famous bad-ass musicians took time out of their busy schedules to discuss life, love, record deals and the skill set required to perfect the crispiness level on the delicacy that is a microwaveable pizza.

In the candid interview, both Mac and Wallpaper. reveal that the secret to a delicious end product is actually putting the pizza in the oven. No microwaves here, boys! Mac goes on to reveal that while growing up, his mother used to purchase the most delicious, organic, BBQ chicken-flavored pizzas from Trader Joe's, and guess what -- Wallpaper. sounded reeeeeal interested in that pie, y'all. Two famous musicians, one all-encompassing love for microwave pizza. It's a beautiful thing to watch, guys.

Watch Wallpaper. interview Mac Miller at the 2012 Woodies below, and check out Wallpaper.'s new "Best Song Everrr" video premiering tomorrow on MTV and MTV.com!

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