Wasteland 2 scheduled for October 2013

InXile's fan-funded sequel to seminal 1988 postapocalyptic RPG closing in on $1.18 million.


It took just 42 hours for InXile to fully fund the development of Wasteland 2 through Kickstarter, but the company doesn't expect to have a finished product on its hands for another 12,000 hours or so. In an update to its Kickstarter page today, inXile said that it hopes to launch Wasteland 2 on the PC in October 2013.

Wasteland 2 is a direct sequel to 1988's single-player role-playing game Wasteland, which was developed by Interplay and is considered to be the inspiration for the Fallout franchise. The original Wasteland posited a postapocalyptic American Southwest, where players were forced to make difficult, morally based decisions that impacted gameplay.

With 31 days still to go, gamers have pledged nearly $1.18 million to Wasteland 2's production budget, which was originally set at $900,000. If that support builds to $1.25 million, inXile will spend the extra money "primarily" on building a bigger world, with more maps, stories, and music.

Should funding hit the $1.5 million milestone, InXile plans to expand Wasteland 2's platforms to Mac OSX and Linux. At this funding level, the developer also plans to expand the gameworld with more environments, story elements, characters, and challenges.

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