Watch A Sneak Peek Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video, Catch The Premiere Tomorrow On MTV!

Justin Bieber could make some quick cash (like he needs it) teaching a course on "How To Master The Tease." Bro has been leading us on for weeks with brooding stills, Selena Gomez look-alikes and tons of video sneaks from his "Boyfriend" video. Welp, we've got yet another teaser for you today, but this one comes with some sweet relief -- we only have to wait ONE MORE DAY for the full video premiere! PRAISE!

Justin may have already explained the "Boyfriend" video's concept being simply "a bunch of amazing scenes," but our exclusive 30-second preview also proves each scene is AH-MAZINGLY sexy. Snippets catch Justin spritzing swag like cologne all over the place -- while driving an expensive car, bringing a dance party to a vacant lot and smooching on a very sultry lady friend. And, call us crazy, but are you guys getting a total *NSYNC "Girlfriend" video vibe? We like, we like.

+ Watch a sneak peek of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" video below, and catch the full premiere tomorrow during "MTV First: Justin Bieber" on MTV at 7:50 p.m ET!

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