Watch Adam Lambert Explain His Obsession With ‘Breaking Bad,’ Kale, Naps + More! (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert shares his 10 various and sundry obsessions.

Should you ever find yourself in a position where you're dating Adam Lambert (suspend your disbelief and dream big) and you're at that point where things are going like, really well, and you want to have one of those early-relationship (somewhere between month 1 through 3) "I've actually really been paying attention to all of the adorable things you say like, and I wanna prove that I remembered those things so you know how seriously into you I am" stay-home dates, I've essentially created a shopping list of things Adam loves via the vehicle of Buzzworthy's "10 Things I'm Obsessed With" video.

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So, if you're shopping for your thoughtfulness date with Adam, you're gonna be busy both downloading various forms of entertainment and running to the grocery store for... kale. He's just as obsessed with the cruciferous veggie as he is with disco naps (priceless!) and the seminal glam rock movie "Velvet Goldmine." You might wanna have several seasons of "Breaking Bad" in your Netflix queue, because Adam Lambert is obsessed with that show. And please be patient if, during your date, Adam Lambert keeps reaching for his iPhone (obsessed!) -- he's probably just checking Twitter, which he's -- yep -- obsessed with. And his Rick Owens boots? We're pretty obsessed too, so we can't blame him. Oh, and for date-y background music, consider investing in Adam's new album, Trespassing, when it drops on May 15, because he's pretty obsessed with that, too. (That makes all of us.)

Check out 10 Things Adam Lambert Is Obsessed With, plan your date accordingly, and may the odds be ever in your favor, Glamberts.

+ Watch 10 Things Adam Lambert's Obsessed With.

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