Watch All Time Low’s ‘Buzzworthy Live’ Acoustic Performance Of ‘For Baltimore’ (VIDEO)

All Time Low strip "For Baltimore" down to its essence in this "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance.

Halloween is here, and I don't know what's scarier -- how many times I've listened to All Time Low's single, "For Baltimore," a song so absolutely electric that it stings like six shots of espresso with an extra shot of adrenaline and a punch in the face, OR how perfectly "For Baltimore" works totally unplugged in this very special "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance.

Watch All Time Low's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "For Baltimore" after the jump!

Alex, Jack and Zach (fresh off whirlwind stops in Tokyo, London, and finally New York's Webster Hall on their World Triptacular Don't Panic album release tour) stripped the song down to just two guitars, perfect melodies and Alex's teenage-dreamy ode to both Charm City and a charming chick. And while the song's clearly a paean to their hometown, after the devastating superstorm that left cities and towns like New York, Sandy Point and Seaside Heights in shambles (MTV Act has three easy ways to help storm victims, by the way), with refrains of "the city comes alive," there's no reason you can't adopt "For Baltimore" as a surrogate aspirational anthem for your own ZIP code.

+ Watch All Time Low's "Buzzworthy Live" acoustic performance of "For Baltimore."

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