Watch Best Coast’s ‘Do You Love Me Like You Used To’ Video Mini-Documentary And Fan Love Letter

Best Coast is all about love stories in their mini documentary and in their "Do You Love Me Like You Used To?" video.

Best Coast's sun-bleached, surf-pop vibe has this tricky way of making us think summer can exist forever, but the band member's (Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno) mini documentary, shot during the filming of their new music video, "Do You Love Me Like You Used To?" on the Santa Monica pier, is pretty much visual proof that the west coast could actually be the best coast. And that Cali and Best Coast are for lovers.

Watch Best Coast's "Do You Love Me Like You Used To" video mini documentary after the jump.

The behind-the-video doc is a sweet love letter devoted to Best Coast fans in love (like, IRL love), who showed up for the band's free Santa Monica show.

"The Santa Monica show was one of the best experiences of my life. So many people showed up, and so many of them were excited to be there, and it was just so awesome," Bethany shared. "We love to play free shows in L.A. because so many people turn up, and their excitement is like overwhelming. I remember looking off stage onto the beach and there were so many people I felt like I was dreaming."

The lens turns to the cute real-life couples featured in the Kashy Khaledi- and Mariana Blanco-directed video, as the pairs share cuddly memories of the pier (first kisses are super popular at this place, FYI) while quick snippets of Best Coast's sound serve as a soundtrack. There's so much late-summer swoon-worthy tenderness caught on film that our hearts are pretty much melting like we're right there under the California sun.

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