Watch Cloud Nothings’ Performance Of ‘Stay Useless’ On MTV Hive’s ‘Live In Boston’

Cleveland rockers Cloud Nothings bring the noise to Boston.

No offense to Drew Carey, but Cleveland has probably never rocked harder than Cloud Nothings. The Ohio indie band's Attack On Memory is as powerfully punk as it gets, full of both epic noise jams and two-minute hook assaults. Going from listening to the album to watching the band play takes some getting used to -- adorkable singer Dylan Baldi should be dating Zooey Deschanel on TV, not raging this hard, right? -- but we think you can handle it.

Watch Cloud Nothing's MTV Hive "Live In Boston" performance of "Stay Useless" after the jump.

The band's abrasive sound's a big, noisy leap forward from the jangle-pop of their lo-fi, self-titled 2011 album, but Cloud Nothings still know their way around a tune. Even anxiety anthem "Stay Useless" can't help but feel hopeful with its bright melodies, while the pounding "Wasted Days" is equal parts adult anger and a celebratory mosh-pit soundtrack. Phew -- hang on, we just knocked over our lamp.

The band sounds best from two feet away, feet removed from the ground, but you can't beat the angles captured in their killer "Live in Boston" concert for MTV Hive. Watch the band tearing it up at the Brighton Music Hall and try not to ruin your room. We dare you!

+ Watch Cloud Nothings' "Live in Boston" performance of "Stay Useless" below, and catch the rest over at MTV Hive.

Photo credit: Brendan Tobin for MTV Hive

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