Watch Dev Perform ‘Bass Down Low’ And ‘Naked/In The Dark’ At MTV’s Spring Break 2012

Dev brings the dance club to the pool during her Spring Break performance.

It's no surprise that Dev brought the sexy to her MTV Spring Break 2012 performances in Las Vegas, but the MC/vocalist also brought the dance club to the pool (but replace the strobe lights with super short hot pants). We can't think of anything better than celebrating our vacay to Dev's "Bass Down Low" along with a "Naked/In The Dark" medley while getting our tan and (splash) dance on. Grab your SPF ("Some Pool Fun," LOL!) and join the party.

Watch Dev perform live at MTV's Spring Break 2012 after the jump!

Dev reminds us that just 'cause it's a pool party doesn't mean you have show up in flip-flops -- girl drops some serious vocals in "Bass Down Low" sporting killer wedges. While we were slightly concerned with how slippery the stage gets with all that excited splashing from the audience in the pool (we don't blame them, but safety first, y'all), Dev's a pro and doesn't miss a beat.

Then our dream Dev mega-mix comes true when she meshes "Naked" and "In The Dark" into one hyper dance jam. The song starts with "Naked" (Enrique Iglesias didn't make it to the party, unfortch) and peeps sing along like it's their Spring Break anthem (it probably is). But the audience really loses their collective ish when the beat from "In The Dark" rides in and causes absolute, fist-pumping mayhem. It's official: Dev throws the best damn party EVER.

+ Watch Dev perform "Bass Down Low" and a "Naked/In The Dark (Medley)" at MTV's Spring Break 2012.

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