Watch Ed Sheeran’s New ‘Lego House’ Video, Shot ENTIRELY On A Cell Phone (VIDEO)

Watch a new version of Ed Sheeran's "Lego House."

Ed Sheeran filmed a new "Lego House" video ON A CELL PHONE.  

What better way is there to celebrate Ed Sheeran's O Music Awards Fan Army FTW nomination than by bringing you a brand-new version of his "Lego House" video?? And did we mention that this version was shot ON A CELL PHONE? Ed's Nokia Lumia 928, to be exact! This totally calls for a "whoa, technology!!" moment.

Watch Ed Sheeran's new "Lego House" video after the jump.

Per our calculations, this is the third incarnation of Ed's "Lego House" video. The first featured Ed's co-redhead, Rupert Grint, the second featured a TON OF ACTUAL LEGOS, and now, the third is a grimy, DIY-style clip that documents Ed performing to a bunch of Sheerios at a secret show in NYC.

Word on the street is that Ed chose four special Sheerios to be filmed in this new clip, and, well, judging by the shrieks, tears, and hand-holding, those Sheerios had THE BEST NIGHT OF THEIR LIVES. (Well, hopefully until their wedding day.) And sure, we may be iPhone devotees, but we do have to give props to this new Nokia smartphone. We could literally see the sweat dripping off Ed's face, the camera was so good. (Sorry, Ed, everyone sweats! We don't judge.)

Watch Ed Sheeran's new "Lego House" video, and don't forget to livestream the O Music Awards on June 19 at 7 p.m. ET and cast your vote for the nominees at!

Photo credit: Atlantic Records/Nokia

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