Watch Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Tour Video From Outasight (VIDEO)

Is life on the road with Outasight as rad as it seems it might be? Answer: totally. The "Tonight Is The Night" singer hit the road with Dev in March and is currently finishing out the rest of his North American tour. And yay, we scored some exclusive, behind-the-scenes video and photos! It's basically exactly how you think life on the road might be with one of our favorite PUSH alums: hella fun, and with artsy photography. The video and photos are from Outasight's first stop in NYC earlier this year -- he's pumped, his crew is pumped, and homeboy's looking so fresh and so clean.

In his own words, Outasight let us in on what goes down when he hits the road:

Before a show I find the best way to prepare is to go about my day as is and keep things really loose. I hang out with my crew, crack jokes, maybe have a drink, watch the Knicks on my DJ's laptop (if they're on), and really just keep things light. When I get on stage I want the crowd to have as much fun as I am, so it's all about keeping the mood up and not trying to overthink it. Right before I step on stage I feel that nervous energy come on so I'll use that get amped cause once I step on that stage it's the most natural feeling to me.

See more photos and watch our behind-the-scenes video with Outsight after the jump.

Credit all photos: Diggy Lloyd

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