Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Dressin’ Up’ Lyric Video!

Watch Katy Perry's 'Dressin' Up' lyric video, from her 'Teenage Dream' rerelease, 'The Complete Confection.'

Understandably, it's kind of hard to get pumped about words flashing on a screen. Yet somehow, Katy Perry's  "Dressin' Up" lyric video has helped us reach lyric video nirvana. 

In the lyric video, we learn that Katy's looking to spice up her bedroom activities by dressing up for her man. And of course, the lyric video animates the various ensembles she's bringing into the boudoir. As she muses about dressing like a Lolita (are we witnessing a return to her "I Kissed A Girl" days?), the "O" morphs into the titular character's heart-shaped glasses. And when she asks if "her Cookie Monster wants a taste test" (!!!) the "Os" turn into classic Cookie Monster googly eyes. Utter, utter perfection.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Dressin' Up" lyric video after the jump.

Perhaps our favorite word-to-image moment comes when Katy sings about dressing up as a nurse. She coos: "You're getting hot/So let's call the nurse/Oh I feel a fever/Let's take your temperature." As the word "nurse" appears, an adorable nurse's hat and red cross pops up on the screen followed by white words that morph into red. Helllooooo, nurse. Also, seriously, who thinks this stuff up? I'd probably just throw on some black-and-white Times New Roman size 12 and call it day. But, that -- and about 1 trillion more reasons -- is why I'm not Katy Perry.

In addition to "Part Of Me" and "Wide Awake," the Christopher "Tricky" Stewart-produced "Dressin' Up" is one of three brand-new songs on Katy's just-released Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.

+ Watch Katy Perry's "Dressin' Up" lyric video.

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