Watch Kelly Clarkson, Usher And Katy Perry Perform At The Billboard Music Awards (VIDEO)

We're not even sure where to begin with Kelly Clarkson's performance at last night's Billboard Music Awards. It's like, do we first talk about her ridiculously amazing voice? Do we comment on her incredible dress? Or maybe we should start by freaking the eff out because Kel premiered her gorgeous new single, "Dark Side." Actually, let's just begin by reminding y'all that Kelly's got one of the best sets of pipes in the game! Backed by a full band, Kelly's voice was center stage and it was clear she didn't need any special outfits, dancers, or pyrotechnics. Kelly definitely continued on her hotness streak by wearing a stunning floor-length red dress, but you and I both know that the "Duets" judge could have worn a used garbage bag and we still would have loved every minute of her song.

Watch Kelly Clarkson, Usher and Katy Perry's Billboard Music Awards performances after the jump. 

We're pretty positive that nobody will be surprised when we declare Usher one of the night's top performers. Mr. Raymond delivered a slick rendition of his uptempo club banger "Scream," and he did it with ease, grace, and.. .a body double? At the top of his performance, Usher was alone on the stage dancing with a hot model chick cloaked in a red cape. Some sick dance moves, a few twirls of the cape, and a little fake smoke later, the hot chick magically transformed into Usher's body double! We don't really get it, but we're sure it's some kind of deep-ass metaphor. Brains and beauty on that one.

Katy Perry also took to the Billboard Music Awards stage, and naturally, she was full of theatrics. Performing "Wide Awake," which appears in her "Part Of Me 3-D" film, Katy was suspended in the air sitting on what looked like a magical white cloud.  Swirling and twirling above the stage, one minute Katy was upright, the next she was sideways. All the while our girl managed to stay on pitch, not fall flat on her face, and look completely stunning. #multitasking

+ Watch Kelly Clarkson's performance of  "Dark Side"Usher's performance of  "Scream" and Katy Perry's performance of "Wide Awake" at the Billboard Music Awards. 

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