Watch Lady Gaga Debut ‘Jewels And Drugs’ Featuring T.I., Too $hort, and Twista Live At iTunes Festival (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga Performs "Jewels and Drugs" at the iTunes Festival

Lady Gaga debuted “Jewels and Drugs” at the iTunes festival. 

After watching not one, but two rehearsal videos (featuring snippets of ARTPOP tracks “Swine” and “Manicure”), we got the distinct feeling that Lady Gaga was on a mission to DOMINATE this weekend’s iTunes Festival. Aaannnnnd she did. Shell bikini and all.

Not only did Gaga perform the full versions of “Swine” and “Manicure” live at iTunes, but she unveiled yet a THIRD ARTPOP gem called “Jewels and Drugs” featuring T.I., Too $hort, and Twista. Yep, we’re talking about a Lady Gaga song with verses by a whopping THREE FAMOUS RAPPERS.

Watch Lady Gaga debut “Jewels and Drugs” featuring T.I, Too $hort, and Twista live at the iTunes Festival after the jump.

Anyway, to be blunt, Gaga’s new song is nothing like her first ARTPOP single, “Applause.”

Featuring a vaguely ratchet beat courtesy of producer DJ White Shadow, Gaga teamed up with Too $hort and Twista on the iTunes Festival stage to debut their new track live. Unfortch, T.I. couldn’t make it to the show (U.K. immigration officials wouldn’t let him into the country. #WHACK), but Gaga still played his verse for the crowd and sent him a little message: “From across the pond, T.I. They wouldn’t let him into the country, poor thing. Put your hands up, Hustle Gang!”

Later, Gaga chanted the song’s hook: “Don’t want your jewels/ I want your drugs/ Don’t want your money/ Want your love.” Oh, that’s all you need, bb? Some illegal substances and a spooning sesh? Pretty sure you can just ring fellow pop star pal Rihanna for the “party cigarettes” hookup. And as far as love is concerned, we’re assuming your ten trillion Little Monsters can fill the void until you find the perfect big spoon.

Watch Lady Gaga debut “Jewels and Drugs” featuring T.I, Too $hort, and Twista live at the iTunes Festival.

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